What do I expect?

What do I expect from the hike?

My boyfriend Jon encouraged me to think and write about this which I’m realizing is more difficult than I expected.

Here are my initial thoughts:
I don’t want to have too many expectations.
I have expectations anyway and they seem to change every day.

I expect to have an amazing adventure; a thru-hike is a brand new experience for me.

I expect to test my body and my mind. The repetition of the trail, demanding and changing terrain and the miles and miles and miles are all challenges I am looking forward to but also scared of.

I expect to freak out a little at the first major river crossing.

I expect to stink.

I expect my feet and body to change in some ways.

One of my main goals in doing this thru-hike was to re-set and simplify. Selling my house, much of my furniture and other belongings is one step. Living with what I carry on my back is another exciting step.

I am re setting in the sense that I don’t know what I will do for a job when I’m done. I’ll be ready to move to be with Jon full time (something we haven’t had since we started dating) so that’s another exciting adventure in itself! I may spend some time thinking about what my next job will ideally be, but I also may not think about it at all! It’s good for me to let go a little and not have this all figured out yet.

I expect to get into a good routine with my meals, pack, making camp and sharing these responsibilities with my hiking bud Robin.

In spite of having my iphone and planning to keep up to date on my blog I do expect to check out from civilization in many ways. I will most likely be overwhelmed with television, radio, cars, computers on our town stops and once we have completed the hike. Running water, flushy toilets and a bed are amazing novelties after a seven day hike, it will be interesting to see how I react to those things and so many more after a five to six month hike!

Most of all I don’t really know what to expect! That’s part of what has me so excited!


About irunhikecamp

I like to run. I love to hike. I would pretty much rather be camping right now, no matter what else I'm doing.
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3 Responses to What do I expect?

  1. trekkinlady says:

    Hey your expectations and fears reflect mine very much, I’ll be watching your blog while I prepare for the same hike. I hope you have an amazing adventure, maybe I will see you on the trail.

    Peace, Abbi

  2. Honey badger says:

    Best of luck. Looking forward to hearing how the trail is this year.

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